Welcome to the Community Module, here you will learn about the different groups and services available that make Ryerson a safe and welcoming place. After that, meet our Provincial and National engineering partners.

ECI Student Groups

Learn about our equity seeking student groups: EngOUT, the National Society of Black Engineers, and Ryerson Women in Engineering

Campus Partners

Discover the services offered by the Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion (OVPECI), and Ryerson Security

External Partners

Ryerson Engineering is a member of the Engineering Student Societies' Council of Ontario, and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students


EngOUT; the LGBTQA+ is our engineering student group. EngOUT focuses on social connections, professional development, and advocating for all engineering students. This is all achieved through de-stressors, networking events, and sending delegations to LGBTQA+ conferences. Additionally, they communicate with both FEAS and RESS about LGBTQA+ specific issues. EngOUT also organizes a variety of charity events and annual industry dinners where students have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals. What is even more exciting is that EngOUT marches in the Toronto Pride Parade with engineering students from all across Canada. Ryerson Engineering students are invited to be a part of EngOut and their team can’t wait to see you at their future events. 

National Society of Black Engineers

At Ryerson, we also have a chapter of the National Society for Black Engineers, also known as NSBE. They advocate for creating an inclusive environment for students of Black or African descent. Originally founded at Purdue University, their mission is to assist fellow Black engineers in excelling academically and professionally, while positively impacting the community. The Ryerson University chapter in particular holds networking events such as industry nights and also sends delegations to conferences which are dedicated to advocating for diversity in engineering. Follow their social media handles to keep up with their updates

Ryerson Women in Engineering

Ryerson Women in Engineering (WiE) seeks to help the community by supporting all female-identifying members. They aim to develop social and professional networks, improve academic performance, and prepare for industry success amongst their community. To achieve these goals, Ryerson Women in Engineering provides  mentorship programs, professional development events, and technical workshops. They also participate in outreach initiatives to encourage high school students to pursue engineering in their post secondary education. They plan to recruit first year representatives for their team.

Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion (OVPECI)

Two students sitting on the grass under trees looking at a laptop

As a key pillar of Ryerson’s inclusivity mission, the OVPECI, or the Equity Office, provides special projects and research, education and awareness programs, aboriginal initiatives, and a student diversity self ID survey, among so many other offerings. If you’re comfortable, we recommend filling out this survey to ensure that we can best cater our offerings to our constantly evolving community.

Representing students, faculty, and staff, the Equity Office undertaken a huge initiative known as Access Ryerson. This is a cross faculty initiative to tear down every barrier possible and ensure equity and accessibility for every single person who visits our campus.

If your accessibility needs are ever not met by the services RESS provides, do not hesitate to reach out. It’s our mission as well to ensure you feel welcomed and included.

Community Safety and Security

If you ever need help on campus contact Ryerson Security a team available 24/7. From simple things like when you’re locked out of your office to providing you a safe trip in and around campus, the security team is always available. You can find them on the 1st floor of the Victoria Building, very close to Lake Devo, or call them on any phone using this number: (416)979-5040. Also, on campus phones you can dial 50-40. They are trained to assist with first aid, self-defense, and conflict de-escalation. Remember though, in any emergency, first call 9-1-1.

Ryerson Security provides the WalkSafe program. They’ll provide someone to help you move around campus or to nearby locations safely. This includes all campus buildings and parking lots as well as the nearby subway stations; Dundas and College. This service is free for all Ryerson students and is available day and night. You can simply call them or email  and they’ll be more than happy to send someone to WalkSafe with you.

In their mission to keep the community informed, Ryerson will always send out Security Incident emails and update the RyersonSafe outlets. You’ll receive these updates through your Ryerson email, campus signage, and the RyersonSafe app.

External Partners


The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) is the national association of undergraduate engineering student societies in Canada and exists to organize activities, provide services and interact with professional and other bodies at the national and international level for the benefit of Canadian engineering students. 


Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario is an association that represents engineering societies from 16 universities across Ontario, and acts as the link between engineering students and professional associations, academia, and government. Since its creation in 1987, ESSCO’s goal has been to promote “unity, continuity, and visibility among Ontario engineering students”.