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Resume 1

Highlights skills and personal information on side (matches with cover letter #1)

Resume 2

Looks professional and incorporates colour

Resume 3

Organized personal information in the corner

Resume 4

Focusses more on the person’s skills

Resume 5

Separates personal information from education and experiences

Resume 6

Basic; good for beginners

Resume 7

Formatting a bit different compared to other resumes

Resume 8

Organized personal information on one side

Resume 9

Eye catching and organized neatly

Resume 10

Template is simple, very concise, organized, and visually appealing.

Resume 11

Template is designed with a stylistic layout, and is well-organized. Provides a very unique, and understandable layout.

Resume 12

Concise, minimalistic, and simple.

Resume 13

Basic, and simple resume template. Recommended for beginners, to understand simple resume layout. However, alot of room for stylistic additions.

Resume 14

Organized, well-balanced, modern, and a visually appealing template.

Resume 15

Clearly indicates background and experience, easily readable at a glance

Resume 16

Modern look, stands out, easily readable

Resume 17

Shows all necessary information, simple design

Resume 18

Simple, shows all important information, block design allows it to stand out

Resume 19

Aesthetically pleasing, but also showcases most pertinent info easy to read.

Resume 20

Simple, easy, to the point

Resume 21

Modern aesthetic, easy to follow and highlights all important aspects of a resume

Resume 22

Simplistic format that is easy on the eyes to read, minimal illustrations

Resume 23

Old school resume look, all important aspects included (i.e. education, achievements, certifications)

Resume 24

Includes all important aspects around a centered bar in the middle, visually pleasing