Cover Letter Bank

Welcome to the Cover Letter Template Bank. To view a template in full click on the Window Arrow. Many of these templates are formatted for Microsoft Word. To learn how to download Microsoft Office for Free, click here.

Cover Letter 1

Neatly organizes personal information from the writing piece (matches with Resume #1)

Cover Letter 2

Professionally created, incorporates colour, good layout for cover letter (matches with resume #2)

Cover Letter 3

Has a border and looks simple and professional

Cover Letter 4

Modern and classic

Cover Letter 5

Nice graphics and keeps it professional as well

Cover Letter 6

Easy to use for beginners

Cover Letter 7

Has color, which can be changed to black and white for a professional look

Cover Letter 8

Modern style

Cover Letter 9

Modern look that is easy on the eyes to read

Cover Letter 10

Standard format

Cover Letter 11

Minimalistic, simple, well-constructed, and highly recommended to beginners.

Cover Letter 12

Extremely basic layout for a cover letter, and intended for beginners. Has room for improvement, and stylistic additions.

Cover Letter 13

Simple, detailed-outline, minimalistic. Very standard format.

Cover Letter 14

Basic cover letter, for beginners.

Cover Letter 15

Simple format, but has visually appealing header where you can add a photo.

Cover Letter 16

To the point, standard cover letter with some flair in the design

Cover Letter 17

Original look, creative, easily scannable sections

Cover Letter 18

Good use of space, clean, stylish

Cover Letter 19

Bold design, professional, stands out

Cover Letter 20

Simple, professional and visually appealing

Cover Letter 21

Emphasis on data driven achievements, highlights prior accomplishments

Cover Letter 22

Entry-level cover letter, highlights individual skill rather than prior accomplishments

Cover Letter 23

Referral type cover letter, mentions and highlights the referrer

Cover Letter 24

Includes a table, highlighting prior experience and emphasizing acquired skills