Golden Ram Episode 14: First Year Experience

Timberfever (28)

What it do ryEng?

Buckle up for a new episode of your friendly engineering Golden Ram, the one and only podcast made to familiarize amazing students like you on how to find your way in the community.

Join our amazing new first year hosts Yas and Christine (YAAYYY First years are making podcasts now) as they discuss their time before and after coming to Ryerson in a super chill mood and talk about different aspects of first year and how they coped with coming to Ryerson.

Hope y’all enjoy the podcast, don’t forget to check out our other podcasts as well!!

Also make sure to check out our instagram @TheGoldenRam69 for more articles (We are a newspaper after all!!).

You can access the podcast transcripts from the following link:


You can also access the actual podcast itself from the following link:

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