Golden Ram Episode 15: Internships in Chemical Engineering


What’s poppin ryEng?

Buckle up for a new episode of your friendly engineering Golden Ram, the one and only podcast made to familiarize amazing students like you on how to find your way in the community.

A big aspect of studying engineering in Ryerson is getting an internship which helps the students become familiar with the professional workplace before graduating, so join our amazing hosts Jwalit and Nick as so in this amazing episode, they reach out to Leah and Anthony, two of the most amazing people on campus who are in chemical engineering and talk to them about their internship experience in order to get some insight on the types of internships that Chem Eng students get.

Hope y’all enjoy the podcast, don’t forget to check out our other podcasts as well!!

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You can access the podcast transcripts from the following link:


You can also access the actual podcast itself from the following link:

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