Golden Ram Episode 16: Engineering Competitions


What’s poppin ryEng?

Buckle up for a new episode of your friendly engineering Golden Ram, the one and only podcast made to familiarize amazing students like you on how to find your way in the community.

One of the biggest annual events that happens in the engineering community all across Canada is the engineering competitions, where students start competing in their own engineering school in a category of their choice and try to win their way all the way up to the provincial and national competitions.

So join us for our 3rd external episode as in this episode, your boy Amir (AKA The Engitor) reaches out to Aya, who was the chair for Ontario Engineering Competition 2021 to talk to her about the nature of engineering competitions as well as her experience organizing OEC 2021.

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You can access the podcast transcripts from the following link:


You can also access the actual podcast itself from the following link:

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