Golden Ram Podcast Episode 07: RyeChemU

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By: Sydney Mangilit, Sayani Sneddon-Ghosal

Howdy ryEng,

Welcome to the 7th episode of Golden Ram Podcast.

In this episode, our two very lovely Chem Eng hosts, Sydney and Sayani, reach out to RyeChemU, and which is the Course Union for Chemical Engineering students, and talk to Emma, Amy and Matthew, about their club, the events they normally host and how they’re changing them up for online semester.

For those of you who don’t, RyeChemU is very well known for hosting the coolest end of the year party, known as RyeChemU Holiday Jam as well as a lot of other cool events, but this year, they’re focusing more on other events such as Academic tutorials, Workshops and other industry professional events, so make sure to listen to the podcast to find out more about them!!

That being said, we highly recommend you listen to our 2 other podcast episodes that we released today as well, since those episodes are also about Chemical Engineering Student Club and both are hosted by our very lovely Chem Eng hosts, Sydney and Sayani.

Hope y’all enjoy the podcast and also make sure to check out our instagram @TheGoldenRam69 for more articles (We are a newspaper after all!!).

You can access the podcast transcripts from the following link:


You can also access the actual podcast itself from the following link:

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