Golden Ram Podcast: Ryerson SEA

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By: Luca Di Placido and Celine Asurza

Hey RyEng,

Welcome to another episode of the Golden Ram podcast.

In this Episode, our hosts Luca and Celine reach out to Ryerson’s Sustainable Engineers Association’s
founder and current president, Nicole Pfifer and talk to her about Ryerson SEA, the importance of
sustainability and its place in engineering industry.

In today’s environment, sustainability is a very important concept of our lives, every decision we make
effects the environment in a positive or a negative way, so it is important to be aware of our impact on
the environment, lucky for us, Nicole is the most knowledgeable student about sustainable practices in
Ryerson that we could get our hands on, so we highly recommend you listen to this podcast because it’s
a highly informative one

(This podcast’s length is almost 90 minutes twice the average length of our podcasts, but because it’s
good quality, we didn’t cut anything off from the podcast so everyone can benefit from Nicole’s
knowledge as much as possible, however we had to cut off the video otherwise the total size of the file
would be enormously huge and we wouldn’t be able to upload it here.)

Hope y’all enjoy the podcast, don’t forget to check out our other podcasts as well, starting this week we
will be releasing at least one episode per week for the Fall semester.

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