Golden Ram Podcast Episode 1: Timberfever

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By: Luca Di Placido and Alex McPherson

Hey RyEng,

Welcome to Ryerson Engineering’s first ever podcast episode.

In this episode, our hosts Luca and Alex reach out to Tazrian, who is the Co-Chair of this year’s
TimberFever Competition and talk to him about this year’s event, and how it’s event going to be
conducted online.

For those of you who don’t know, TimberFever is an annual competition in Ryerson where Civil
Engineering and Architectural Science students team up with each other in order to design and
construct a structure out of Timber with the help of mentors and experts from both faculties and on the
competition is three days long and on the final day the students will be judged based on specific criteria.
each year the competition has a different theme, this year’s theme is still a secret, but if you’re curious
about it, follow them on their Instagram @Gotimberfever for more updates.

Hope y’all enjoy the podcast, don’t forget to check out our other podcasts as well, starting this week we
will be releasing at least one episode per week for the Fall semester.

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