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Welcome to the new (Improved?) Golden Ram. Since printing and delivering a physical copy of the Golden Ram would be challenging to say the least (not to mention it’d be a terrible idea to even try, since it would increase the chance of spreading COVID-19), we thought we’d use our last few remaining brain cells to create an all new Golden Ram for your… enjoyment? Not sure if you could actually call it enjoyment but that’s the term we’re going with. Anyways, instead we are going to be turning the newspaper articles into blog posts. In an era of digital media, it took measures as drastic as that to keep our quality classic journalism alive.

The plan is to post an Engitor’s message every month (containing the crowd favorites like Boot to the Head, Thirst Place and Best Horse’s Engineer of the Month) as well as posting articles written by the fantastic writer’s team (absolute SHAMELESS plug, if you want to join the writers team, email throughout the month (because who doesn’t want the Golden Ram in their newsfeed at all times of the month).

Additionally, the Golden Ram is making a podcast. This podcast will feature members of our writers team (see the aforementioned shameless plug) interviewing members of the Ryeng community to talk about all the unique and interesting things that they do. This includes topics such as design teams, student unions, RESS committees and more. The podcasts will be hosted on REDI (, so stay tuned for those.

As the first month has shown, this year is going to be a wild ride because absolutely no one has any idea what’s going on and everyone is just making thighs up as they go along (myself especially). Hopefully you can all stay afloat in these questionable times. 

We also have an Instagram account where we post all kinds of strange, interesting and pɹǝᴉM things. Find us @thegoldenram69 (FUNNY NUMBER). Contact us there or at our email (HINT: we like memes, send us memes). Stay Frosty ryEng

The Engitors (Christian & Amir)

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