Laptop with D2L open

Desire2Learn (D2L)

D2L sometimes referred to as Brightspace, is the digital hub for all your courses here at Ryerson. To access D2L, simply visit Some key uses of D2L are:

  • Viewing course content such as presentations, course management forms, and handouts
  • Submitting assignments and lab reports individually or in a group
  • Class announcements and discussion boards 
  • Viewing assignment, examination and course grades
    • Note: Official course grades are found on RAMSS
  • Managing deadlines and viewing important information 
D2L Logo

D2L Video Tutorial

Follow along with Daniel, as he navigates Learn about some educational discounts and quick links. You’ll then be introduced to D2L, and some of they key locations of a course shell.

Course shells will automatically show up in your D2L dashboard. Professors control when this happens so may have to wait until class begins to access a specific shell.

Visit, and log in with your Ryerson username and password. If you have 2-step verification, enter the unique 6 digit code.

Scroll all the way down, you’ll see links to pages from Dell and Apple to get amazing discounts on the latest technology.

To get started, click on “Your courses in D2L Brightspace” under “Online Courses & Organizations”

Once you’re in, you’ll see your courses listed out in a grid format. To see more information on any course, all you need to do is click on it. 

Class announcements are listed in order with the latest at the top. Scroll further to see the class Calendar where your professor might post important dates such as deadlines and testing periods.

To see course content, such as lecture slides and any documents your professor may have uploaded, just click on Content at the top menu bar. Note it may be labeled Course Materials in some shells.

If there’s something important you want to save, you can simply download it and keep it on your computer. 

Under the Assessments tab, you can view your evaluation grades in the course. If you have an assignment that’s due and you need to upload your solutions, you can simply click on the respective assignment and press “add a file” to submit your documents. Your professor will let you know what format to upload it in, so don’t worry about that!

To post questions and converse on the course material, you can view it by going to “Communication” and clicking on “Discussions

Microsoft Office for Ryerson Students

Available for free to all full and part-time Ryerson students.

Microsoft’s program allows eligible users to download and install Office 365 on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on up to 5 tablets and up to 5 phones per user. Office 365 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft also provides access to file storage on their OneDrive cloud service.


Installing Office Pro Plus is very easy for the user to deploy. The user logs onto MS portal at, external link and use their my.ryerson email and password and can download all or selected licensed Office products to their computer.

Once logged in:

Terms, Conditions and Instructions for Office 365 Education


Login with your my.ryerson credentials to Microsoft Office 365 Portal.

Microsoft Office Logo

Gsuite for Ryerson Students

Google’s services are your best friend. They allow you to collaborate simultaneously with others on documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Your Ryerson linked Google Drive account has unlimited storage for all your academic needs; you are able to save and share all your presentations, lab data and reports here. 


A quick way to access your Google services is by using these shortcuts: for your mail to see your classes to access your documents