Tablet with RAMSS Dashboard on screen

Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS)

Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS) is a one-stop shop for everything you need to do online, such as viewing your academic, financial and personal information at Ryerson.

RAMSS is your self-service option that saves you time and gives you access to your information and options any time, from anywhere. The RAMSS support services and resources outlined on this site are managed by the teams that make up the Office of the Registrar (RO).

RAMSS Video Tutorial

Follow along with Maya, as she navigates RAMSS. Discover how to enroll in course, view your tuition, and most importantly check your grades and academic standing.

RAMSS is the most official system you will use at Ryerson. We recommend you get to know all it’s features as soon as possible.  

Visit a click login 

Enter your Ryerson credentials. If you have 2-Factor enabled, enter the unique 6 digit code. 

Once you’re logged in, click on the RAMMS tab. Make sure to have your pop ups enabled!

Once the pop-up loads you’ll see a range of different options you can choose from. Let’s quickly hop into Academics.

The first thing you can see is your Major. You’ll want to make sure that this information is correct, especially if you decide to switch your program after your first semester.

On the left, is the menu where you can view everything  related to your academics at Ryerson. You’ll probably spend a lot of time on Grades/Standings though, so let’s jump in there.


All you have to do now is pick what semester you want to view your grades for and there you have it, something to show off to your parents!

The one thing you always want to check on is your Academic Standing. A “clear” academic standing means you have a Cumulative GPA (CGPA) above 1.67.

On the RAMSS Student Homepage. Click on Manage Classes and select the semester you want to work on.

The first thing you’ll see are the significant dates you’ll need for enrolling into classes. When you have access to your schedule, you can start adding sections to your cart.

Under View My Enrollment Dates there is the Visual Schedule Builder or VSB. This is helpful as it shows what section of the class you are enrolled in.

In VSB you will get to see how the week would look in hourly increments per day, and you also get the opportunity to try different sections/profs while making your desired schedule. If a schedule does not appear, this means classes overlap, so try out different sections. If you want to keep certain classes where they are, you can pin them by clicking them while shifting other classes to get a schedule you like. Write all the sections that work down and also have a backup just in case that section gets full. We do not recommend enrolling in your classes through VSB when the enrollment opens up because the program freezes, which usually does not end up too well. 

Click on Shopping Cart and then click search.

Let’s say we want to enroll in Calculus 1 – MTH 140. We’ll put the first part in “Subject”, so MTH and then the course number after and then just click search. Try to find the sections that work for you.

Pick the course that fits in your schedule. Remember some courses have labs and tutorials so pick the course section that works best. 

Finally, during open enrollment, select all your first choice sections and click enroll to secure your spot. Click on Finish Enrolling, make sure the process was successful and congratulations! You’ve officially enrolled in your course.

Visual Schedule Builder

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is an online self-service tool that enables undergraduate students to effectively and effortlessly create their optimal class schedule.

VSB allows undergraduate students to:

  • Filter and search for courses
  • Drag and drop classes into your schedule
  • Search around classes you ‘pin’ as preferred
  • Block timeslots to accommodate part-time jobs, and other personal commitments
  • Create multiple variations of schedules to choose from
  • Select their favourite schedule
  • Process all class enrolment changes at one time