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Ryerson University Library & Archives

 Ryerson University Library and Archives (RULA), or just “the library” will become your best friend during your time at Ryerson. There are plenty of resources available to you both online, and in person, through RULA and the library building. RULA will also be a great resource to use when  you are tasked with writing reports and researching for projects.

RULA Video Tutorial

Follow along with Maya, as she navigates RULA. Discover how to book study rooms, set appointments with library staff and find research articles.

RULA will be your best friend when doing any form of research so make sure to bookmark their page. 

Ryerson has collaborative study spaces located in the Library building as well as the SLC that you can book right through RULA. To access this, scroll down and click on “Study Rooms” under where it says “Available Now”.

Click on the bright orange “Book Now” button. Remember that you can only reserve for a maximum of two hours a day and up to 8 hours a week, so book wisely or have friends book for you if you require more time in a room.

Pick a date, a room, and a time and you’re all set! Once you’re done, you’ll get a confirmation email sent to your Ryerson email address so you don’t forget about your booked room.

RULA will also be a great resource to use when  you are tasked with writing reports and researching for projects. For example, imagine you’re writing a report on Green Energy and need to find credible research. From the main page all you need to do is type “Green Energy”

l get search results from books, digital media, scholarly articles, and much more – as you see this search gave us over 8 million results! To the left, are filters that we can use to narrow down exactly what we’re looking for. For instance, we can narrow by discipline and publishing date.

If you need help with researching for your report, you can have a librarian assist you in a 1-on-1 setting! Let’s head back to the main page again to see how we can set that up. Scroll down to “Book a Librarian” and click it. 

From Book a Librarian, select your appropriate year, pick the best date for you and follow the process.

Laptop Loan Program

RULA also loans out laptops if you need it. All you need to do is head over to the Library Help Desk, provide them your Student ID and ask them for a laptop to loan out! Make sure you go ahead and explore all the amazing resources available through RULA as this will definitely help you out significantly while studying.

The Library has laptops and mobile internet hotspots available (in limited supply) for remote lending for student use within Ontario. This is a service provided by the Ryerson Library to assist students who require access to technology in order to complete courses remotely during COVID-19. Users will need to complete and submit this online request form to access this program. Students who are experiencing hardship as a result of the pandemic will receive priority.