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ZOOM - Online Communications Platform

Your instructor may require you to login and authenticate with your Ryerson credentials to join the meeting room. Doing so requires a Ryerson Zoom account. Click on “Sign In” on the ryerson.zoom.us, external link portal to create a Ryerson Zoom account, and then sign in to the Zoom desktop or mobile application using the Single Sign On (SSO) option. For instructions, please read the Continuity of Learning Guide.

ZOOM Video Tutorial

Follow along with Daniel, as he navigates ZOOM. This platform is growing in popularity at Ryerson. Whether it be for classes, online learning, team meetings or just catching up with friends learn all about ZOOM.

Note: ZOOM has some restrictions for student accounts, you will learn about them in this module. 

How to join a ZOOM Lecture

  1. Go to ryerson.zoom.us. Click on “Sign In” and enter your Ryerson credentials.

    • Once logged in, a Ryerson Zoom account will be created for you.

Download and install the Zoom desktop or mobile application.

Click on the “Sign In” button.

Click on the “Sign in with SSO” button.

Enter “ryerson” in the “Your company domain” field and click on “Continue”.

You’ll be redirected to Ryerson’s login page. Enter your Ryerson credentials and click on “Log In”.

The browser will prompt you to open Zoom. Click on the “Open zoom.us” button.

You will now be logged into Zoom’s desktop or mobile app. The meeting host will provide you a Zoom meeting link/invitation.

Need Help?

Click the question mark to access the Ryerson Zoom Guide.

There are a few ways to join a Zoom meeting.

  • Clicking on the Zoom link or invitation provided by your instructor.
  • Entering the meeting ID or personal link name on the Join a Meeting page. You can also join via a mobile device.
  • Or dialing-in using the phone numbers provided in the Zoom invitation.

ZOOM Meeting Tips

Before the meeting

  • Find a quiet space, and always be sure to join a couple minutes early. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the meeting room controls, and test your microphone and webcam before joining.
  • Conduct yourself as you would if you were present face-to-face in the same room.


Be aware that you are on camera. 

  • Stay engaged. Try to avoid doing other tasks such as checking emails, looking at your phone, etc. – as it can be very distracting to other participants. 
  • Make sure your face is clear and at eye level. Try to avoid backlight from bright windows.
  • Make sure there is nothing personal to you visible in the background, like family pictures, bills, legal documents, etc. 
  • If joining the meeting with your phone, try to avoid moving your phone around too much. Prop your phone up at a good angle. 
  • If you are experiencing connection issues, consider muting your webcam.